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Larry on "Concinando Temas" with Wilfredo Rojas & Aleida Garcia

Larry Krasner, the Democratic nominee for district attorney, appears on the radio program Concinando Temas for a discussion with Wilfredo Rojas and Aleida Garcia of Justice for Alex Now. Topics will include the next DA's role in reforming the criminal justice system, in preventing and prosecuting crime, and in making the city safer.

The mission of Justice for Alex Now is justice for our beloved Alejandro Rojas Garcia who was brutally murdered on January 24, 2015. We are uniting with other families of homicide victims around the country ... We are open to all religions, races, sexual orientations, ages etc. Homicide does not discriminate against anyone. We are all at risk. We want justice for the victims, peace for their families and safe streets for all. 
(More information on Facebook at Justice-for-ALEX-now.)

Listen live / Escucha en vivo en radio La Unika 1680AM.
Join the discussion! Call in during the program at 267-527-1680.