Krasner Endorsed by Philadelphia Building Trades

The Philadelphia Building & Construction Trades Council announced today that it has endorsed the Democratic nominee for Philadelphia District Attorney, Larry Krasner. The Trades Council joins a long and diverse list of groups who helped propel Krasner to victory in last May’s primary, and who make up a broad coalition that believes Krasner has the vision, character, and ability to be an outstanding chief prosecutor for our city.

“The Philadelphia Building & Construction Trades Council is pleased to announce our endorsement of Democrat Larry Krasner for District Attorney of Philadelphia,” said John J. Dougherty, Business Manager of the council. “He understands our issues, such as the damage done by the underground economy, misclassification of workers and protecting our first amendment rights. Larry Krasner will work to ensure a level playing field for the Building Trades in an increasingly competitive construction industry. On the pressing issue of opioid abuse, to which our members are not immune, Mr. Krasner has vowed to attack this huge public health problem from day one in office. On virtually every Building Trades issue, Larry Krasner is 100 percent with us. We look forward to delivering the labor movement’s significant votes for Mr. Krasner on Election Day.”

“We’re very grateful for the support of the hard-working members of these unions that are literally building our city every day,” Krasner said. “I look forward to working with them and with everyone to make this great city a safer and more just place for all of its residents.”

Larry Krasner: Proposed Medicaid cuts could force people into criminal justice system


We are all familiar with the Declaration of Independence, which asserts that each of us has certain unalienable rights, among them “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

In the name of health-care reform, politicians in Washington and Harrisburg threaten the first and most foundational of these individual rights: life itself. Their legislative agenda — curtailing important Obamacare protections and cutting back on Medicaid — threatens the lives of tens of thousands of Philadelphians.

It also jeopardizes public safety. When people are faced with chronic health problems or a life-threatening situation involving a family member, and have no options or support, they will act in desperation. When people are unable to afford treatment for behavioral health issues because they lack insurance, the criminal justice system often becomes the only societal structure that intervenes.


Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Larry Krasner


Larry Krasner, the Democratic nominee for district attorney of Philadelphia, has a higher profile today than he’s ever had. ... But who he is and what informs his unique theories on justice — the backstory of an unlikely political heavyweight, should he prevail in the November 7th general election — has largely flown under the radar. At least until now.

In the latest episode of Pushback — a collaborative podcast (produced by WURD Radio and Philadelphia magazine and hosted by Malcolm Burnley and I that profiles those in Philadelphia and beyond who go against the grain in pursuit of fairness, equality and justice — Krasner is profiled in his most human form (he showed up wearing A Tribe Called Quest-inspired socks). Politics is certainly discussed, but the conversation is largely dominated by his personal history.To get know to Krasner better, you’ll need to listen to the entire podcast. But for a snapshot, here are five things you likely didn’t know about him.

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Angered by Trump, liberals are transforming city politics


The liberal resistance to President Donald Trump hasn't managed to capture any new Congressional seats for Democrats — but it's having a major effect on politics at a more local level.

... in Philadelphia, a Black Lives Matter advocate won the Democratic primary in May to be the next district attorney — in a city where even Democratic law enforcement officials have traditionally taken a hard line.

“We have a president who any sentient person recognizes is a wannabe dictator,” said Larry Krasner, who won the Democratic Party’s primary for district attorney in Philadelphia. “That’s the kind of thing that can wake you up in the morning, make you lace up your shoes, and go vote. So, yes, I think that had impact.”

Standing up for Philly’s environmental rights in the age of Trump



When people think about a “district attorney” they often think of someone who prosecutes crimes against people and property, and hopefully of someone who protects the rights of crime survivors and the accused alike. I also believe, as a candidate for district attorney, that it should be the DA’s job to use the law to treat substance abuse and mental illness as a public health crisis rather than a crime, and to punish illegal business practices.

In addition—and this may be something you haven’t heard from a local DA candidate before—I believe it’s also critical to use the office to protect our environment.

All of these issues are interconnected, much like an ecosystem. When we fail to seek justice in one, the rest suffer. This is why prosecutors must approach equal justice in a holistic manner. If elected, I plan to protect the environment and pursue environmental justice for the people of Philadelphia—especially for our children. 

... crimes against the environment not only threaten public health, but violate our civil rights, too. I look forward to building coalitions with community advocates and other local and state partners, such as Pennsylvania’s attorney general, to fearlessly tackle these urgent challenges.

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Krasner Endorsed by AFSCME DC 47

Larry Krasner and DC 47 President Fred Wright (June 22)

Larry Krasner and DC 47 President Fred Wright (June 22)

White collar city employees back Democratic nominee

PHILADELPHIA - Civil rights lawyer and candidate for District Attorney Larry Krasner has won the endorsement of AFSCME District Council 47, a proudly progressive union representing over 6,500 social workers, library staff, court staff, and various city government employees. DC 47 has many members who work in public safety, including fire, prisons, and other major city departments.   

"AFSCME District Council 47 is proud to endorse Larry Krasner for DA,” AFSCME DC 47 President Fred Wright said. “We know Larry will fight for the people and ensure that the criminal justice system works for all Philadelphians. I know Larry will be the responsible steward of the public trust that we need. The brothers and sisters of AFSCME DC 47 will be working to ensure Larry Krasner gets elected on November 7th."

Krasner said he was honored to receive DC 47’s support because its members are people who work hard to not only administer vital local government operations, but who also strive to make the city a better place to live for the public they serve. They are the social workers, librarians, and administrators who work to improve our city, and in so doing, make it a more just and equitable place.

Kensington jar of needles initiative sheds light on opioid crisis


In Kensington, adults have long picked up and disposed of dirty syringes children find while playing outside. But about eight months ago, the neighborhood started to jar the needles as a way to ask for government’s help. “We are putting this in your hands to say ‘you wouldn’t want these needles on your front porch and we don't either,’” said Shane Claiborne who started Need a Little Help lead and is well-known Christian activist in the community.

... Krasner wants to change the old War on Drugs rhetoric and actions. “Where we go from here is addressing this issue primarily as a public health issue, in terms of people who are drug users, people who are addicted,” said the D.A. candidate who won the Democratic primary in May. “Obviously, the emphasis needs to be on treatment rather than being put in jail cells for $40,000 a year. You can buy a lot of treatment for that kind of money, because treatment actually works, and jail cells don’t when you’re addicted.”

Larry Krasner Wants to Break the Mold of the American Prosecutor. And That’s Good.


With his May 16 victory in the Democratic primary for Philadelphia District Attorney, Larry Krasner aims to change the game of criminal justice in his home city and beyond, helping to redefine what it means to be a prosecutor. A progressive wind is blowing into the D.A.’s office, and none too soon, given current circumstances in the courts and in the prisons.

With support from George Soros, Black Lives Matter, and the progressive community, Krasner emerged from a crowded field to decisively win the primary. Unlike your typical D.A. candidate, he is a civil rights and criminal defense attorney rooted in securing justice for ordinary citizens, those who are often voiceless, disenfranchised, kept out the process, and have their rights violated.

Most Americans can't even name their district attorney, let alone explain their values


... The explicit design of this system will, by definition, consistently fail to hold bad cops and prosecutors accountable for their worst actions. That leaves us those of us determined to reduce police brutality with two primary options — and we should, in every city in America, be fighting for both of these options around the clock.

The first option is elect prosecutors who, as a matter of principle, want to root out all bad cops and rotten apples from within their system. These people are a rare breed, but they exist.

The best example I know of is Larry Krasner — who just won the Democratic primary to become the next District Attorney of Philadelphia. Larry is an amazing man who ran on a reformer's platform, stating publicly that the entire justice system is not only corrupt, but poorly designed, and must be rebuilt from the bottom up.

Black police group discusses shootings, endorses Krasner for DA


When Rochelle Bilal talks about the issue of unarmed Black men being shot by police officers, it’s clear that of the many policing issues important to the president of the Guardian Civic League, the local chapter of the National Black Police Association, few are more important to her than this one.

That was evident at a Wednesday afternoon press conference at the group’s Girard Avenue headquarters at which the organization of more than 2,000 African-American police officers threw its support behind Larry Krasner, the Democrat running for district attorney.