Five questions with the Philly DA candidates


On Nov. 7, Philadelphia will elect a new district attorney. The issues facing the DA’s Office — civil forfeiture, violent crime and guns, the role of the office in the opioid crisis, ethics and political corruption, and the influence of outside organizations — are, perhaps now more than ever, at the heart of Philadelphia public discourse. Our Editorial Boards sat down with both candidates last week to discuss these issues and others in preparation to make an endorsement.

Will you stop using the proceeds from civil forfeiture as a line item in your budget? If so, where will you divert those funds?

What will you do — that hasn’t been done —  to keep guns from flowing into Philadelphia?

How will you change your approach to the opioid crisis to reflect the fact that people are increasingly trying to solve it as a health problem, not a criminal problem?

What innovations will you create to deal with local political corruption?




Would you allow an outside organization, such as Black Lives Matter or the Fraternal Order of Police, to influence your operation of the District Attorney’s Office?