Teachers, SEPTA workers, hotel workers join Krasner for DA

Endorsements bring some 20,000 additional union members
along with Philadelphia AFL-CIO backing

The campaign of Larry Krasner, the Democratic nominee for district attorney, announced today that it has gained the support of three major Philadelphia-based unions in the past week, as well as the endorsement of the Philadelphia AFL-CIO.


“The Philadelphia AFL-CIO is proud to endorse Larry Krasner, who will be a champion for workers as our District Attorney,” said Patrick J. Eiding, president of the Council, which comprises over 100 local labor unions representing close to 200,000 working men and women in the public sector, private industry, and building and construction trades.

The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, organized in 1965, represents more than 11,000 teachers, librarians, school nurses, counselors, social workers, secretaries, and others working in Philadelphia public schools.


"Philadelphia's schools serve a diverse student population from many neighborhoods and backgrounds,” said PFT president Jerry Jordan. “We need a DA who understands that there's more to keeping our city safe than prosecuting criminals and adding to the prison population. Real 'justice' means stopping the school-to-prison pipeline. That includes providing all of our children with access to quality early childhood education, so that they have the best chance to do well in school, and grow into productive members of our community."

Founded in 1943, Transport Workers Union L.234 now has over 5000 members (of nearly 140,000 TWU members nationwide) including SEPTA's subway, trolley and bus operators.


“The Executive Board of Local 234 has endorsed Larry Krasner for District Attorney of Philadelphia based on his life- long commitment to civil liberties, equal justice under the law, and fair play when it comes to the prosecution of those who do violate our criminal laws,” said Willie Brown, president of the Local.

The 32BJ Service Employees International Union has 10,000 members in the Philadelphia metro area including property service workers, building engineers, food service workers and more, as well as 3500 maintenance workers, school bus drivers and school aides in Philadelphia public schools. Among them are thousands of immigrant workers.


“Larry Krasner’s election will be a referendum on decades-old policies that disproportionately imprisoned people of color,” said Gabe Morgan, vice president of 32BJ SEIU. “Larry Krasner’s election is the first step in healing divisions in our communities and saving Philly taxpayers millions. At a time when the White House eagerly fans the flames of racism and anti-immigrant fervor, Philadelphia has a rare opportunity to be a beacon of hope and progress by electing Krasner.”

“Our campaign has brought together a huge coalition,” Krasner said. “These are unions that represent workers from every corner of the city, every economic class, citizens and non-citizens alike, people of every creed, shade and gender, with disabilities and without. All of them are deeply invested in the idea that our criminal justice system can be reformed, must be reformed and will be reformed — that justice makes us safer.”

With these additions it is clear that Philadelphia’s organized labor movement backs Krasner by an overwhelming margin. Labor unions and associations supporting his campaign now include:

AFSCME District 1199C (health care workers)
AFSCME DC33 (public employees)
AFSCME DC47 (administrative, professional and technical public workers)
American Federation of Teachers L.2026 (faculty and staff, CCP)
American Federation of Teachers L.4531 (university professionals, Temple)
Pennsylvania Federation BMWED–IBT (railtrack workers)
Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters
Erotic Service Providers Union
Guardian Civic League (African-American police officers)
Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses & Allied Professionals
Philadelphia Building & Construction Trades Council
Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO
Philadelphia Federation of Teachers
SEIU 32BJ (property service employees)
Transport Workers Union L.234 (SEPTA employees)
UNITE HERE L.274 (hotel, food service, stadium workers)
UNITE HERE L.634 (hotel workers, student safety staff)

A long-time civil rights lawyer, Krasner won the Democratic nomination for District Attorney of Philadelphia in May 2017, with 38% of the vote. The general election is November 7.