Tribune endorses Krasner, Rhynhart and Woodruff


On Tuesday, Philadelphia voters will go to the polls and elect candidates for several important positions including the city’s next district attorney and controller.

For the first time in years, Philadelphia voters will have a new top prosecutor and fiscal watchdog. Voters could also elect the first African American for Pennsylvania Supreme Court in more than three decades.

One of the most watched races will be the one for district attorney.

Voters will be electing a replacement for former District Attorney Seth Williams, whose two terms as Philadelphia’s first Black D.A. ended with a corruption scandal. He was sentenced last week to five years in federal prison for accepting a bribe. ...

The Tribune endorses Larry Krasner, a prominent civil rights lawyer to become the city’s next district attorney over Republican Beth Grossman.

Krasner represents change.

He vowed to prosecute police officers for excessive use of force and advocated for significant criminal justice reforms including bail reform and prisoner re-entry programs.

Krasner strongly opposes mass incarceration and the death penalty.

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