Election Results: Krasner Elected DA


Larry Krasner was elected Philadelphia district attorney on Tuesday, capping a once-improbable campaign to be the city’s top prosecutor and amid signals that he would bring significant, if not drastic, changes to the office.

A longtime defense lawyer, the Democrat won despite lacking political or prosecutorial experience and, at least early in the race, establishment support. But he rode the financial backing of one of his party’s most progressive billionaires, and benefited from a fractured field of opponents.

His last challenger, Republican Beth Grossman, proved to be slightly more formidable than some of her party’s predecessors in a city dominated by Democrats. But Grossman failed Tuesday to convince enough voters that her 21 years as an assistant district attorney made her the better choice.

The Associated Press proclaimed Krasner the winner just after 9 p.m. With nearly 98 percent of the votes counted, he had outpaced her by a 3-1 ratio, unofficial returns showed.

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