Prosecuting hate crimes

This hate crime occurred in Philadelphia a few days after a similar, anti-Semitic attack on the cemetery in St. Louis where my grandparents, two Russian Jewish immigrants who came to the U.S. by boat in the early 1900's, are buried.

Criminals on the "alt-right" (a word that anti-Semites like to hide behind these days): Philadelphians of good will are watching. So is the whole world. In the Trump era, Philadelphia's District Attorney will need to resist — resist hate, resist hate crimes, and resist the Trump administration's attacks on free speech and the free press.

As a civil rights lawyer known for over 25 years of defending protest and our First Amendment, my ability to vigorously protect free speech is clear. As a civil and criminal attorney known for 30 years of knocking down bullies to protect the underdog, my ability to vigorously prosecute hate crimes is even clearer. Join me.