Krasner overwhelms primary opponents in Philadelphia 3.0 poll

District Attorney candidate Larry Krasner "decisively" won an online poll by the civic reform group Philadelphia 3.0, the group announced today.

More than half of the participants selected Krasner out of a field of seven candidates as their top choice. Although this was not a scientific poll of voters overall, this result indicates that Krasner is performing extremely well with some of the city's most well-informed voters.

Unlike many online polls, the Philadelphia 3.0 poll employed a ranked-choice voting system that required participants to rank all seven candidates in order of preference. The system is thought to reduce the impact of strategic voting and of "vote-splitting" among candidates who are perceived to be similar. The group also used a process designed to greatly reduce the possibility of people voting multiple times.

Krasner's lead in first-place votes was enough to seal a victory in the first round, however the group "played out" subsequent rounds, revealing further detail in participants' preferences.

According to Philadelphia 3.0, "the results have value for taking the temperature of high-information voters who are paying closer attention to the District Attorney primary than most, and who have greater influence in low-turnout primaries."