DA candidates square off at Philly Set Go’s millennial town hall


Expungement of criminal records, overcrowding in jails and prisons, gun violence and, of course, marijuana — these were some of the biggest topics that all eight candidates for district attorney were questioned about Wednesday night at a millennial-focused town hall.

The town hall was hosted by Philly Set Go (PSG), a political action committee (PAC) geared toward getting millennials to vote, at the Plays and Players Theater, where a packed room had a chance to hear what each candidate thought about certain issues and what they would do to resolve them. The questions were submitted by attendees online before the event and reviewed by the PSG board.

... How about the convictions that people are actually wanting but not getting? With questions of gun violence being brought up — how to reduce gun deaths (while also respecting the right to bear arms) and how to make sure less people get away with murder in the city — answers from the candidates touched on bettering community relations, working with former offenders and, again, addressing the roots of such issues.

Krasner was the first to bring up the “reality that gun shops in Philadelphia are lax and loose,” but he also emphasized how putting money into long-term solutions like public education and drug treatment is the first step to “healing society” by providing opportunities to the young men who are most likely to get themselves involved with gun violence.

“They need to have hope, they need to have a reason not to walk out the door and hang out with the guys in the corner, become part of a gang, pick up a gun and put blood on the street,” Krasner said.

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