Krasner Endorsed by Political Revolution PAC

PHILADELPHIA, PA – On Monday the Political Revolution PAC announced its endorsement of Larry Krasner for District Attorney of Philadelphia. The Political Revolution PAC an all volunteer, grassroots organization that supports progressives at all levels of government, with a focus in state and local elections.

“Larry Krasner has fought his entire life for civil rights and justice,” Executive Director Ian Boyd's statement said. “It’s time for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office to do the same.”

The group’s founders also started Sanders for President, the single largest online community dedicated to Senator Sanders’s presidential bid. Through the use of volunteers that group raised more than $10 million and reached millions of people per month.

Political Revolution hosts a popular section of the online discussion forum Reddit, where Krasner was an interview guest on April 24 (read it here).

The Political Revolution PAC advances politics in America through progressive grassroots activism. Its political action committee supports progressive candidates and issue-focused efforts to transform our government “so it represents all citizens, not just the wealthy few.”