Neighborhood Networks Endorses Krasner in Philadelphia DA Race


PHILADELPHIA, PA – The members of Neighborhood Networks voted “overwhelmingly” to endorse civil rights lawyer Larry Krasner for District Attorney in Philadelphia’s May 16 Democratic primary election.

Neighborhood Networks is a neighborhood-based city-wide organization that pushes for progressive policies and has worked actively to elect progressives to City Council and to the courts in Philadelphia.

The group cited Krasner’s track record defending people’s movements and the rights of poor people in court, as well as his policies to end the cash bail system and illegal stop-and-frisk policing, as well as his commitment to fight for environmental justice and reduce incarceration rates.

“Larry Krasner has a 30-year track record of standing up for people’s movements,” said Gloria Gilman, the chair of Neighborhood Networks. “We see all too many politicians talk the talk. Krasner has spent thirty years demonstrating to us that he will walk the walk.”

”The resistance to Trump has to begin by electing progressive fighters at the local level,” said Stan Shapiro, Neighborhood Networks’ vice-chair. “Larry Krasner and only Larry Krasner can be depended upon to deal with the mass incarceration problem that plagues Philadelphia.”