Philly Is About to Get a Radical District Attorney. How Much Can He Really Change?


Larry Krasner, a civil rights attorney who built his professional reputation defending protesters and suing the police, is almost certainly going to be Philadelphia’s next district attorney. Last month, Krasner beat out six other candidates in the Democratic primary—clobbering his closest opponent by a near 18-point margin—on a promise to put fewer people in jail and ruthlessly clean house in the office he intends to run.

... But the situation Krasner will inherit if he wins the November general election is representative of a bigger problem facing reform-minded policymakers nationally: In places where some of these policies have been in place for years, many of the reforms — drug courts, fines instead of jail, bias training for cops — haven’t gone nearly far enough or have replicated some of the same problems and patterns they were meant to address in the first place.

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