Standing up for Philly’s environmental rights in the age of Trump



When people think about a “district attorney” they often think of someone who prosecutes crimes against people and property, and hopefully of someone who protects the rights of crime survivors and the accused alike. I also believe, as a candidate for district attorney, that it should be the DA’s job to use the law to treat substance abuse and mental illness as a public health crisis rather than a crime, and to punish illegal business practices.

In addition—and this may be something you haven’t heard from a local DA candidate before—I believe it’s also critical to use the office to protect our environment.

All of these issues are interconnected, much like an ecosystem. When we fail to seek justice in one, the rest suffer. This is why prosecutors must approach equal justice in a holistic manner. If elected, I plan to protect the environment and pursue environmental justice for the people of Philadelphia—especially for our children. 

... crimes against the environment not only threaten public health, but violate our civil rights, too. I look forward to building coalitions with community advocates and other local and state partners, such as Pennsylvania’s attorney general, to fearlessly tackle these urgent challenges.

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