Krasner Endorsed by Philadelphia Building Trades

The Philadelphia Building & Construction Trades Council announced today that it has endorsed the Democratic nominee for Philadelphia District Attorney, Larry Krasner. The Trades Council joins a long and diverse list of groups who helped propel Krasner to victory in last May’s primary, and who make up a broad coalition that believes Krasner has the vision, character, and ability to be an outstanding chief prosecutor for our city.

“The Philadelphia Building & Construction Trades Council is pleased to announce our endorsement of Democrat Larry Krasner for District Attorney of Philadelphia,” said John J. Dougherty, Business Manager of the council. “He understands our issues, such as the damage done by the underground economy, misclassification of workers and protecting our first amendment rights. Larry Krasner will work to ensure a level playing field for the Building Trades in an increasingly competitive construction industry. On the pressing issue of opioid abuse, to which our members are not immune, Mr. Krasner has vowed to attack this huge public health problem from day one in office. On virtually every Building Trades issue, Larry Krasner is 100 percent with us. We look forward to delivering the labor movement’s significant votes for Mr. Krasner on Election Day.”

“We’re very grateful for the support of the hard-working members of these unions that are literally building our city every day,” Krasner said. “I look forward to working with them and with everyone to make this great city a safer and more just place for all of its residents.”