Larry Krasner speaks out on Charlottesville

"You are having a beautiful gathering here, for all kinds of people. But there's something different that's happening in Charlottesville, Virginia today ... there's a whole bunch of people marching down there with torches, and there's whole bunch of people marching with signs that say 'white supremacy,' with pro Ku Klux Klan signs, with signs that express their hatred for people who are different than them — black people, Jewish people, people from other countries.

"And it got even uglier today. Because people who care about this issue went up against them, protested against them, and one of them is now dead, and 19 of them are now severely injured, because someone took a gray Dodge Charger and drove it at 40 miles an hour into that crowd. 
Free speech is not enough for that kind of person, what they want is violence and what they want is death. They want what they have always wanted — and most importantly, make no mistake, along with their torches, along with their signs expressing their hatred, they were carrying signs that said 'Donald Trump.'

"When Donald Trump was asked what he thought about this today, he said he was worried about the hatred on all sides. Well I don't know what other sides he's talking about. You got one side that runs people over in cars, that carries torches, that advocates the death of people that look different than them, and then you've got some people who are opposed to that. Being opposed to that is not hate. That is love. And that's what I see when I look out at you."

— At the 5th Annual Soul School Festival, hosted by State Rep. Jordan Harris.