Mayor Kenney Endorses Krasner for District Attorney

Krasner and Kenney shake hands as President Henry Nicholas of AFSCME District 1199C looks on. (Photo: Cathie Berrey-Green)

Krasner and Kenney shake hands as President Henry Nicholas of AFSCME District 1199C looks on. (Photo: Cathie Berrey-Green)


Saying he will be "a reasonable, fair and thoughtful arbitrator of dispensing justice," Mayor Jim Kenney today endorsed Democrat Larry Krasner for District Attorney in the upcoming general election.  

Describing Krasner as a "determined and tenacious fighter and a long-time advocate for the homeless and those powerless to defend themselves," Kenney said Krasner "has a history of standing up for the underdog."

Kenney recognized Krasner's work for ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) and his legal defense of LGBTQ activists who were arrested in the early days of the AIDS pandemic, "when federal, state and local governments ignored a bourgeoning public heath crisis."

"Larry defended countless ACTUP and LGBTQ activists who were arrested for demanding equality and protesting our government's inaction on the AIDS front," Kenney said. 

In making special mention of Krasner's advocacy for organized labor and his support for immigrant rights and Black Lives Matter, Kenney said, "Larry Krasner believes in the cause of equal justice for all Philadelphians. He will bring a new perspective to the criminal justice system — a balanced perspective that many say is long overdue." 

"As our next DA, Larry Krasner will end the mass incarceration of non-violent offenders and will seek alternatives to incarceration. He will change practices, shift limited resources and abandon the culture of conviction at any cost," Kenney said.

Krasner said he appreciated Kenney's "well known and longstanding support of other movements for fairness -- fairness to immigrants, to the LGBTQ community, to the poor, to people of color," adding that the endorsement confirms that he and Kenney share values, including "knocking down bullies to protect the underdog.”

As underdogs, Krasner cited "kids who don't have a chance in underfunded schools, victims of crime and witnesses to crime whose needs are not addressed, people who suffer from mental illness, homelessness and addiction, and innocent people who are wrongly convicted and sit in custody while the guilty go free."

Krasner said that since February he has been communicating and meeting with experts at every level in criminal justice, including district attorneys in other major cities, and is bringing information about the best and most effective methods "back to a movement in Philadelphia for balance and fairness in criminal justice, especially in the DA's office," back to all residents of the City of Philadelphia, and back to the mayor.

"The Mayor has a record of supporting the underdog, even when it's not politically easy." Krasner said. "So this endorsement carries weight."