DA candidates tackle corruption, asset forfeiture



With the Democratic primary coming up in May, the eight candidates for Philadelphia District Attorney, seven of whom are Democrats, came together last Thursday for a debate at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy.

... When asked questions about how they would handle certain issues, such as prison overcrowding, gun violence, corruption and quality of life crimes, the candidates largely emphasized the need for reform in the DA’s office. Krasner, a longtime criminal defense attorney, consistently brought up reform and how, as a political outsider and the self-proclaimed most progressive candidate running, he was the best one to make the necessary changes to the DA’s office.

“If reform is what is needed, then that reform needs to come from the person with a proven track record for supporting reform and for making reform from the outside,” Krasner said.

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Candidates for DA in Philly agree on policy, but still clash in person


The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office was put on trial Thursday morning by the eight candidates — seven Democrats, one Republican — seeking to lead the scandal-plagued office. ...The most notable clash came between a candidate with no ties to the District Attorney’s Office, civil rights lawyer Lawrence Krasner, and the candidate with the most recent ties to the office, former First Assistant District Attorney Tariq El-Shabazz.