Bernie Sanders Offshoot Group, Our Revolution, Endorses Krasner for DA

Larry Krasner’s campaign for Philadelphia District Attorney picked up a major endorsement today from Our Revolution, the progressive political action organization that spun out of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign.

“Criminal justice reform relies on grassroots efforts and cooperation with the state actors who decide what is or is not a crime and who will be or who won’t be heard,” said Executive Director Shannon Jackson. “Philadelphia voters have the opportunity to be heard in this election, and Our Revolution is honored to endorse a candidate that’s been listening for the last 30 years — Lawrence Krasner.”

Krasner Wins Endorsement of Food & Water Action Fund

The list of groups supporting Larry Krasner’s campaign for District Attorney was joined today by environmental advocacy organization Food & Water Action Fund, the political advocacy organization supporting the educational work of Food & Water Watch.

“Philadelphians need a District Attorney who will protect our community from environmental criminals, and Larry Krasner is the candidate to do that job,” said Sam Bernhardt, Senior Pennsylvania Organizer for Food & Water Action Fund in a press release. “The movement to resist the regressive Trump administration must begin close to home."

Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club Backs Larry Krasner

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Last night, the membership of Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club voted to endorse civil rights lawyer Larry Krasner for District Attorney of Philadelphia. Liberty City is one of the largest and most influential volunteer-run progressive political groups in Philadelphia.

“I’m deeply honored to have received the endorsement of Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club,” said Krasner. “But no more honored than I have been to represent members of the LGBTQ+ and associated communities over the past 25 years in the struggle for equal justice.”

New Political Action Committee For Formerly Incarcerated Endorses DA Candidate


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Advocates for re-entry are getting organized around a new political action committee. This PAC for those impacted by incarceration is hoping to elect the next district attorney.

The BLOC Party was registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State in February. Now Harrell and their supporters, including rapper Freeway, are working to get funding from other PACs and from the community to send a message in May’s DA and judicial races. Their first endorsement goes to DA candidate Larry Krasner.

“He wants to end mass incarceration, stop seeking the death penalty, end stop and frisk,” says Harrell, “he’s a civil rights attorney who has always been on the side of the people.”

AFSCME District 1199C Endorses Larry Krasner

AFSCME District 1199C Endorses Larry Krasner

Today, civil rights lawyer Larry Krasner's campaign for District Attorney received the support of District 1199C, NUHHCE, AFSCME, AFL-CIO. One of the largest and most progressive labor unions in Philadelphia, District 1199C has over 13,000 members concentrated in hospitals and the healthcare industry.

“It is truly an honor to receive the endorsement of District 1199C,” said Larry Krasner. “Under the effective and progressive leadership of the legendary Henry Nicholas and of Executive Vice President Chris Woods, 1199C has been a leader in countless progressive struggles. Members of 1199C have given their lives in the battle for social justice and human dignity. I am proud that we stand shoulder to shoulder.”

Krasner Wins Endorsement of Philly for Change

Krasner Wins Endorsement of Philly for Change

Civil rights lawyer and candidate for District Attorney Larry Krasner overwhelmingly won the endorsement of Philly for Change, one of Philadelphia's largest and most respected progressive activist organizations. Philly for Change is an affiliate of the national organization Democracy for America, which fights for democracy, social justice, peace, and the environment at the local, state, and national level.

“It’s time for progressives to think big,” said Sam Durso, Philly For Change Co-Chair. “The times demand a D.A. who can reimagine the justice system and fundamentally change the plague of incarceration that sabotages our city. That’s why we overwhelmingly supported Larry Krasner. We’re called Philly For Change, not Philly For Continuity.”

Krasner Wins Backing of Working Families Party

Krasner Wins Backing of Working Families Party

Following in the footsteps of Mayor Jim Kenney and City Council members Blondell Reynolds Brown and Helen Gym, civil rights attorney Larry Krasner has won the endorsement of the Pennsylvania Working Families Party in the Democratic primary for Philadelphia District Attorney.

“Larry Krasner is the right person to lead law enforcement in Philadelphia,” said Brandon Evans, director of Pennsylvania Working Families Party. “Larry knows that stop and frisk policies, mass incarceration, and prosecution of low level, nonviolent crimes not only don’t deter crime, but condemn a significant portion of our city’s residents and families to disrupted lives, and diminished life outcomes.”

Meet the Blackest White D.A. Candidate Ever


I initially didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of endorsing a white guy for the top elected law enforcement position in a city that’s nearly 50 percent Black.

But Larry’s no ordinary white guy. Quite the contrary, he’s the Blackest white guy I know. When it comes to candidates for political office, they shouldn’t tell the Black community what they’re gonna do for us. Instead, they should show us what they’ve already done. And Larry’s done a lot. A whole lot.

Here are three (of numerous) reasons why the Black community should vote for him: