Philly Is About to Get a Radical District Attorney. How Much Can He Really Change?


Larry Krasner, a civil rights attorney who built his professional reputation defending protesters and suing the police, is almost certainly going to be Philadelphia’s next district attorney. Last month, Krasner beat out six other candidates in the Democratic primary—clobbering his closest opponent by a near 18-point margin—on a promise to put fewer people in jail and ruthlessly clean house in the office he intends to run.

... But the situation Krasner will inherit if he wins the November general election is representative of a bigger problem facing reform-minded policymakers nationally: In places where some of these policies have been in place for years, many of the reforms — drug courts, fines instead of jail, bias training for cops — haven’t gone nearly far enough or have replicated some of the same problems and patterns they were meant to address in the first place.

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Meet Larry Krasner: Civil Rights Attorney, Death Penalty Opponent & Democratic Philly DA Candidate

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Will a defense attorney with a long record of standing up to prosecutors and police soon head one of the nation’s most busy district attorney offices? In Philadelphia, civil rights attorney Larry Krasner is poised to become the city’s next district attorney, after overwhelmingly winning the Democratic primary last month. Philadelphia is a solidly Democratic city, and the odds for winning November’s general election are in Krasner’s favor, with Democrats commanding a seven-to-one registration advantage.

AMY GOODMAN: As an attorney, Larry Krasner has never prosecuted a case, but instead spent his career representing protesters and the economically disadvantaged. He has also filed over 75 civil rights cases against police officers and successfully gotten some 800 narcotics convictions thrown out by revealing two officers perjured themselves.

For more, we’re joined in studio by Larry Krasner himself, the longtime criminal defense and civil rights attorney, the Democratic nominee for district attorney for Philadelphia.

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Northwest Leaders Endorse Krasner in DA Race

Tasco, Fitzgerald, Tomlin, Quiñones-Sánchez, Parker lead move to support civil rights attorney’s campaign for DA

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Major new support for Larry Krasner’s campaign for District Attorney was announced Monday afternoon in front of the Office of the District Attorney, across from City Hall. Principal endorsers were: Marian Tasco, former Councilwoman, 9th District and Democratic Leader, 50th Ward; Isabella Fitzgerald, State Representative, 203rd District and Democratic Leader, 10th Ward; Elaine Tomlin, Democratic Leader, 42nd Ward; Maria Quiñones-Sánchez, Councilwoman, 7th District; and Cherelle Parker, Councilwoman, 9th District.

They were joined by Suzann Christine, Danielle Jeter, Paula Peebles, Ernie Bristow and Selena Hodge, as well as Keiwana McKinney, the campaign’s community liaison.

“He came to my ward, and he spoke and I liked him, I like what he stands for, and I liked his presentation in terms of his history,” Tasco said, “being a defending lawyer for people’s rights, and I like that because I care about people and their having a fair shot. Even though they may be in court, they have to have a fair shot.”

The event was closed out by a ringing endorsement by Pastor Pamela Williams of the Ark of Refuge Tabernacle of Philadelphia.

"Support from these important community leaders demonstrates how Larry Krasner can bring together diverse communities to achieve common goals of making Philadelphia a better and more just place to live," said Brandon Evans, executive director of Pennsylvania Working Families Party.

Krasner at Tax March Philly: Stand up for your rights!

Civil rights lawyer (and candidate for Philadelphia District Attorney) Larry Krasner speaks at Tax March Philly. This is what it would mean to have truly progressive elected officials in key local offices during the age of Trump. Share it on Facebook!

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DA candidates tackle corruption, asset forfeiture



With the Democratic primary coming up in May, the eight candidates for Philadelphia District Attorney, seven of whom are Democrats, came together last Thursday for a debate at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy.

... When asked questions about how they would handle certain issues, such as prison overcrowding, gun violence, corruption and quality of life crimes, the candidates largely emphasized the need for reform in the DA’s office. Krasner, a longtime criminal defense attorney, consistently brought up reform and how, as a political outsider and the self-proclaimed most progressive candidate running, he was the best one to make the necessary changes to the DA’s office.

“If reform is what is needed, then that reform needs to come from the person with a proven track record for supporting reform and for making reform from the outside,” Krasner said.

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