Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Larry Krasner


Larry Krasner, the Democratic nominee for district attorney of Philadelphia, has a higher profile today than he’s ever had. ... But who he is and what informs his unique theories on justice — the backstory of an unlikely political heavyweight, should he prevail in the November 7th general election — has largely flown under the radar. At least until now.

In the latest episode of Pushback — a collaborative podcast produced by WURD Radio and Philadelphia magazine and hosted by Malcolm Burnley and I that profiles those in Philadelphia and beyond who go against the grain in pursuit of fairness, equality and justice — Krasner is profiled in his most human form (he showed up wearing A Tribe Called Quest-inspired socks). Politics is certainly discussed, but the conversation is largely dominated by his personal history.To get know to Krasner better, you’ll need to listen to the entire podcast. But for a snapshot, here are five things you likely didn’t know about him.

Meet Larry Krasner: Civil Rights Attorney, Death Penalty Opponent & Democratic Philly DA Candidate

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Will a defense attorney with a long record of standing up to prosecutors and police soon head one of the nation’s most busy district attorney offices? In Philadelphia, civil rights attorney Larry Krasner is poised to become the city’s next district attorney, after overwhelmingly winning the Democratic primary last month. Philadelphia is a solidly Democratic city, and the odds for winning November’s general election are in Krasner’s favor, with Democrats commanding a seven-to-one registration advantage.

AMY GOODMAN: As an attorney, Larry Krasner has never prosecuted a case, but instead spent his career representing protesters and the economically disadvantaged. He has also filed over 75 civil rights cases against police officers and successfully gotten some 800 narcotics convictions thrown out by revealing two officers perjured themselves.

For more, we’re joined in studio by Larry Krasner himself, the longtime criminal defense and civil rights attorney, the Democratic nominee for district attorney for Philadelphia.

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Civil rights attorney Larry Krasner: DA's office is 'off the rails'


Larry Krasner took a deep breath and paused before answering the question. How was he different from the six other progressive-leaning Democrats running for District Attorney?

“There are words and then there are things not made of air,” Krasner told the crowd at the Arch Street Methodist church in response recently. He then took aim at the other candidates, five who have worked in the District Attorney’s office and a sixth who was a judge for 21 years.

“All these other candidates have been a part of the problem,” he said. “They have done nothing to change the problem, but now all the sudden in this race, when the popular view on criminal justice has shifted...they’re the biggest reformers you’ve ever seen.”

Meet the Civil Rights Lawyer Shaking Up the Race for Philadelphia District Attorney


Larry Krasner, a long-time Philadelphia civil rights and criminal defense attorney, isn't your usual candidate for district attorney, but then, the race to be the city's top prosecutor has been anything but usual.

It started when Philadelphia D.A. Seth Williams—under the grim cloud of a federal corruption investigation—announced in February he wouldn't seek reelection. Since then, the sudden race to replace him has taken a remarkably reform-minded turn.

Larry Krasner: The 'un-prosecutor' candidate (AUDIO)

Larry Krasner: The 'un-prosecutor' candidate (AUDIO)


Ask Larry Krasner, who's never worked as a prosecutor, why he's the right guy to be Philadelphia's next district attorney, and he has a ready answer.

"Because I've never been a prosecutor," he says.

There's more to it than that, but the heart of Krasner's pitch is that the ingrained culture of the district attorney's office has been so wrong-headed for so long that only someone free from its influences can bring the kind of change Philadelphia needs.

Meet the D.A. Candidate Who’s Defended Black Lives Matter and Occupy in Court

Meet the D.A. Candidate Who’s Defended Black Lives Matter and Occupy in Court

Larry Krasner was a defense attorney for years. Now he wants to change the system from within.


When Larry Krasner kicked off his campaign for district attorney in downtown Philadelphia in early February, more than a dozen political activists stood behind him. There were Black Lives Matter leaders, Occupy Philly alumni, and Arch Street United Methodist Church pastors, among others, almost all of whom Krasner has defended in court.