Angered by Trump, liberals are transforming city politics


The liberal resistance to President Donald Trump hasn't managed to capture any new Congressional seats for Democrats — but it's having a major effect on politics at a more local level.

... in Philadelphia, a Black Lives Matter advocate won the Democratic primary in May to be the next district attorney — in a city where even Democratic law enforcement officials have traditionally taken a hard line.

“We have a president who any sentient person recognizes is a wannabe dictator,” said Larry Krasner, who won the Democratic Party’s primary for district attorney in Philadelphia. “That’s the kind of thing that can wake you up in the morning, make you lace up your shoes, and go vote. So, yes, I think that had impact.”

Larry Krasner Wants to Break the Mold of the American Prosecutor. And That’s Good.


With his May 16 victory in the Democratic primary for Philadelphia District Attorney, Larry Krasner aims to change the game of criminal justice in his home city and beyond, helping to redefine what it means to be a prosecutor. A progressive wind is blowing into the D.A.’s office, and none too soon, given current circumstances in the courts and in the prisons.

With support from George Soros, Black Lives Matter, and the progressive community, Krasner emerged from a crowded field to decisively win the primary. Unlike your typical D.A. candidate, he is a civil rights and criminal defense attorney rooted in securing justice for ordinary citizens, those who are often voiceless, disenfranchised, kept out the process, and have their rights violated.

Most Americans can't even name their district attorney, let alone explain their values


... The explicit design of this system will, by definition, consistently fail to hold bad cops and prosecutors accountable for their worst actions. That leaves us those of us determined to reduce police brutality with two primary options — and we should, in every city in America, be fighting for both of these options around the clock.

The first option is elect prosecutors who, as a matter of principle, want to root out all bad cops and rotten apples from within their system. These people are a rare breed, but they exist.

The best example I know of is Larry Krasner — who just won the Democratic primary to become the next District Attorney of Philadelphia. Larry is an amazing man who ran on a reformer's platform, stating publicly that the entire justice system is not only corrupt, but poorly designed, and must be rebuilt from the bottom up.

Black and brown voters make their voices heard in Philly, nationwide


The district attorney primary in Philadelphia is the most recent example of game-changing turnout on the part of people of faith, black and brown Americans, formerly incarcerated people, low-wage workers, and others fed up with over-policing and mass incarceration.

Coalitions of people of color and white progressives joined to move a slate of candidates toward a criminal justice reform agenda. Together, we forced our issues — once not on the agenda — to the top of the agenda. In fact, we saw hopefuls at candidate forums outdoing one another to project being the most reform-minded. They knew the answer was central to winning.

... Democrats hold a 7-1 registration advantage over Republicans in Philadelphia, but people who care about fairness and justice cannot rest on their laurels in the months leading up to the November general election. 

Philly Is About to Get a Radical District Attorney. How Much Can He Really Change?


Larry Krasner, a civil rights attorney who built his professional reputation defending protesters and suing the police, is almost certainly going to be Philadelphia’s next district attorney. Last month, Krasner beat out six other candidates in the Democratic primary—clobbering his closest opponent by a near 18-point margin—on a promise to put fewer people in jail and ruthlessly clean house in the office he intends to run.

... But the situation Krasner will inherit if he wins the November general election is representative of a bigger problem facing reform-minded policymakers nationally: In places where some of these policies have been in place for years, many of the reforms — drug courts, fines instead of jail, bias training for cops — haven’t gone nearly far enough or have replicated some of the same problems and patterns they were meant to address in the first place.

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This Is Why Bernie Sanders Thinks His Political Revolution Is Winning


Larry Krasner won an insurgent victory in the Democratic primary by campaigning on his record opposing police brutality and cash bail.

... “That I represented activists and organizers for 25-plus years unquestionably meant that the campaign activated people who are incredibly good at politics but don’t normally do it,” he said, giving a description that also applied to a lot of the people who showed up in Chicago. “That might be the big lesson: All over the country there are networks of activists and organizers who might just be better at politics than the people in politics.”

These are the elections that will determine the future of mass incarceration in America


As the resistance to Donald Trump’s presidency continues to grow, many Democrats and progressives are looking forward to the 2018 midterm elections, and even the 2020 presidential election to try and regain political power in Washington, D.C.

But for a dedicated group of organizers and reformers within the left, there are much more pressing elections happening all across the country — elections where thousands of people's lives and freedom hang in the balance.

One of those elections is Philadelphia's district attorney race — just months away — where Democratic candidate Larry Krasner is running to put an end to the city’s record-breaking propensity to put its citizens behind bars.

No, the ‘resistance’ isn’t failing at the voting booth. Here’s where it’s winning.


Elections produce winners and losers. There are no bonus points for participation. Democrats have been frustrated by losses in high-profile congressional races.

... Before the garment-rending and hand-wringing go too far, Democrats and pundits would do well to focus their eyes a little lower on the ballot. In special elections for state and local offices, progressive insurgents aren’t just coming close — they are winning and sending a message to the establishment of both parties.

... In the primary for Philadelphia district attorney, civil rights attorney Larry Krasner, who has defended Occupy Philadelphia and Black Lives Matter protesters, won on a platform calling for an end to mass incarceration, police reform and more.

Listen to the Wins: How Larry Krasner’s Victory Sounded from the DJ Booth


Early in the night, I made nervous jokes about not wanting to DJ a funeral. For one thing, I hadn’t really thought about the possibility of losing—at least not in terms of what it would sound like. Would I play break-up songs? “Shake It Off”? “We Belong Together”? “You Give Love a Bad Name”? Or would I just pack up my equipment and leave, reminded of why I generally stay away from electoral politics?

Thankfully, that’s not what happened.