DA candidate endorses safe injection sites for heroin


Democrat Larry Krasner, the front-runner to become Philadelphia’s next district attorney, says he supports city-sanctioned spaces where people addicted to heroin can inject drugs under medical supervision and access treatment, a move advocates see as a promising step toward making the city the first in the U.S. to open such a site.

His Republican opponent, Beth Grossman, says she’s open to discussions on the matter.

For those on the front lines of the heroin crisis in Philadelphia, both are encouraging stances in a political arena where the idea can still be dismissed out of hand. But recently, cities across the country have begun to consider the possibility of instituting supervised injection sites; several nations, including Canada, have used the approach for years.

Larry Krasner volvió a prender los motores de su campaña a la Fiscalía


El candidato demócrata a "District Attorney" de Filadelfia prometió que, de resultar elegido, usará todos los recursos a su alcance para oponerse a las políticas de Donald Trump.

“Este es un momento político clave. Cuando nos reunimos en febrero, sabíamos que teníamos un presidente peligroso, pero no nos imaginamos qué tan peligroso podía llegar a ser. Ahora tenemos claro que el Partido Republicano y su presidente están a favor del autoritarismo y en contra de la Constitución, del ordenamiento jurisdiccional, y de un modelo de justicia ecuánime y equitativa”.

Con este mensaje, Larry Krasner, el candidato oficial por el Partido Demócrata para la Fiscalía Distrital de Filadelfia, lanzó la noche de este miércoles la segunda fase de su campaña. 

... En declaraciones para AL DÍA, Krasner habló sobre la importancia del voto latino en su campaña. Recordó que es el único candidato que habla español y que su trayectoria de más de 25 años, en la que el 40 por ciento de sus clientes fueron hispanohablantes, le ha servido para conocer muy de cerca las necesidades de la comunidad latina de la ciudad. 

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Krasner Endorsed by AFSCME DC 47

Larry Krasner and DC 47 President Fred Wright (June 22)

Larry Krasner and DC 47 President Fred Wright (June 22)

White collar city employees back Democratic nominee

PHILADELPHIA - Civil rights lawyer and candidate for District Attorney Larry Krasner has won the endorsement of AFSCME District Council 47, a proudly progressive union representing over 6,500 social workers, library staff, court staff, and various city government employees. DC 47 has many members who work in public safety, including fire, prisons, and other major city departments.   

"AFSCME District Council 47 is proud to endorse Larry Krasner for DA,” AFSCME DC 47 President Fred Wright said. “We know Larry will fight for the people and ensure that the criminal justice system works for all Philadelphians. I know Larry will be the responsible steward of the public trust that we need. The brothers and sisters of AFSCME DC 47 will be working to ensure Larry Krasner gets elected on November 7th."

Krasner said he was honored to receive DC 47’s support because its members are people who work hard to not only administer vital local government operations, but who also strive to make the city a better place to live for the public they serve. They are the social workers, librarians, and administrators who work to improve our city, and in so doing, make it a more just and equitable place.

Kensington jar of needles initiative sheds light on opioid crisis


In Kensington, adults have long picked up and disposed of dirty syringes children find while playing outside. But about eight months ago, the neighborhood started to jar the needles as a way to ask for government’s help. “We are putting this in your hands to say ‘you wouldn’t want these needles on your front porch and we don't either,’” said Shane Claiborne who started Need a Little Help lead and is well-known Christian activist in the community.

... Krasner wants to change the old War on Drugs rhetoric and actions. “Where we go from here is addressing this issue primarily as a public health issue, in terms of people who are drug users, people who are addicted,” said the D.A. candidate who won the Democratic primary in May. “Obviously, the emphasis needs to be on treatment rather than being put in jail cells for $40,000 a year. You can buy a lot of treatment for that kind of money, because treatment actually works, and jail cells don’t when you’re addicted.”

Black police group discusses shootings, endorses Krasner for DA


When Rochelle Bilal talks about the issue of unarmed Black men being shot by police officers, it’s clear that of the many policing issues important to the president of the Guardian Civic League, the local chapter of the National Black Police Association, few are more important to her than this one.

That was evident at a Wednesday afternoon press conference at the group’s Girard Avenue headquarters at which the organization of more than 2,000 African-American police officers threw its support behind Larry Krasner, the Democrat running for district attorney.

He Sued Police 75 Times. Democrats Want Him as Philadelphia’s Top Prosecutor.

He Sued Police 75 Times. Democrats Want Him as Philadelphia’s Top Prosecutor.


Larry Krasner has sued the Philadelphia Police Department 75 times. He has promised not to seek the death penalty. He has even called law enforcement “systemically racist.” Now, in a twist that would promote the gadfly to the top of the food chain, he is poised to become the district attorney of Philadelphia.

... “When you’re 56 and you see the worst president of your lifetime and the worst attorney general of your lifetime trying to reverse good things that date back to the ’60s,” Mr. Krasner said, “you might just have to do something about it.”

Bernie Sanders And Top Progressive Leaders Cheer Larry Krasner Win In Philadelphia DA Primary

Krasner’s primary victory is part of a trend embracing reform-minded district attorneys.


Top progressive leaders are hailing Democratic candidate Larry Krasner’s Tuesday night victory in the Philadelphia primary for district attorney. The race drew national interest as part of a growing trend of reform-minded candidates overtaking tough-on-crime prosecutors in what had historically been safe seats. 

On Wednesday, Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders congratulated Krasner and wished him luck in the general election. 

“At a time when Attorney General [Jeff] Sessions is pushing the Department of Justice to restart the failed ‘War on Drugs,’ it is refreshing to see voters choose a prosecutor who wants to treat addiction as an illness, not a crime, and move to end mass incarceration,” Sanders said. “Krasner’s primary victory is an important step forward in the fight to reform a very broken criminal justice system.”

Can the Anti-Trump Resistance Take Philadelphia's DA Office?


Larry Krasner, Philadelphia’s insurgent candidate for district attorney, has built his campaign around three pledges: to end mass incarceration, to stand up for people’s rights and liberties, and to resist the Trump administration.

In Philadelphia, as in much of 2017 America, those are ambitious plans: The city has the highest incarceration rate in the Northeast and arrests twice as many people on average as other big cities.

Philadelphia also has a sordid history of police abuse and a level of official corruption that’s almost legendary — the current DA, Seth Williams, is facing 23 federal charges ranging from bribery to extortion, and is not seeking reelection.

But Krasner, who has never worked as a prosecutor, has a 30-year record showing that he’s always been committed to those promises.

This Lawyer Defends Philly’s Progressive Activists—Can He Become DA?


Ending mass incarceration begins at home, says Larry Krasner, a longtime civil rights attorney and leading candidate for Philadelphia District Attorney. Harsh sentencing laws passed by Congress and state legislatures set the stage for mass incarceration, and police make arrests on the streets. But it is prosecutors who decide who to charge, what to charge them with, and, in a system that often resolves cases with guilty pleas, what sentences to seek.

“The truth is that the most important thing that a district attorney can do is exercise that 700-pound hammer that is discretion,” says Krasner, who announced his candidacy surrounded by a crowd of activists that included many former clients. “As Nancy Reagan would say, ‘just say no.’”

He’s right.

After a Career Suing Cops, This Lawyer Wants to Be Philly's Next District Attorney


Civil rights attorney Larry Krasner has spent his career standing up to cops. A former public defender who's no stranger to pro bono work, he's defended Black Lives Matter protesters, ACT UP alums, the Arch Street United Methodist Church pastors, Grannies for Peace, and Occupy Philly activists.

So he hardly seems like someone who'd want to assume the mantle of one of America's top prosecutor jobs—for one thing, Krasner has no formal political experience. But as he watched the usual suspects throwing their hats in the ring for Philadelphia's 2017 district attorney's race, the 56-year-old felt like it was time to try and change things from within.