These organizations are supporting
justice that makes us all safer



The Philadelphia Tribune

"The Tribune endorses Larry Krasner, a prominent civil rights lawyer, to become the city’s next district attorney over Republican Beth Grossman. Krasner represents change."

Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO

"The Philadelphia AFL-CIO is proud to endorse Larry Krasner, who will be a champion for workers as our District Attorney."

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 8

"The members support politicians who represent their interests. Go Vote Nov 7."

Philadelphia Federation of Teachers

"We need a DA who understands that there's more to keeping our city safe than prosecuting criminals and adding to the prison population. Real 'justice' means stopping the school-to-prison pipeline."

32BJ Service Employees International Union

"At a time when the White House eagerly fans the flames of racism and anti-immigrant fervor, Philadelphia has a rare opportunity to be a beacon of hope and progress by electing Krasner."

Transport Workers Union Local 234

"The Executive Board of Local 234 has endorsed Larry Krasner for District Attorney of Philadelphia based on his life- long commitment to civil liberties, equal justice under the law, and fair play when it comes to the prosecution of those who do violate our criminal laws."

Action United Philadelphia

Philadelphia Building & Construction Trades Council

“On virtually every Building Trades issue, Larry Krasner is 100 percent with us. We look forward to delivering the labor movement’s significant votes for Mr. Krasner.”

AFSCME District Council 47

“We know Larry will fight for the people and ensure that the criminal justice system works for all Philadelphians.”

Guardian Civic League of Philadelphia

“We have always been on the side of the fight for our civil rights. ...We support you, and we hope you win this one.”

Latino Empowerment Alliance of the Delaware Valley (LEAD)

"Larry Krasner’s policy stances on the justice system were the change that the Latino community needed ... an end to mass incarceration while focusing DA resources on violent and major crimes."

Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity

Krasner "has the sort of progressive view points that really make him somebody who could bring a new approach to criminal justice in the city"

Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters

AFSCME District Council 33

“Our members made it clear that they want a District Attorney who is fair, honest and able to understand the needs of our communities. We believe that Lawrence Krasner is that person.”

Global Women's Strike Philadelphia

"Let's end Rizzo-era police/prosecution corruption and violence we still suffer from, and show Trump we won't go back. Larry Krasner can help. Vote Krasner on May 16. Our children's lives depend on it!"

Philadelphia Gay News

“Krasner has both a solid record of progressive leadership and a solid vision ... Krasner has been a strong ally to groups like Black Lives Matter, ACT UP and more, and it’s that commitment to community that we need in our city’s top law-enforcement agent.”

Temple Association of University Professionals (TAUP) AFT L.4531 – AFL-CIO

"At this point in time, criminal justice reform is incredibly important to undocumented students and faculty and to all in the Temple community who face the threat of unjust prosecution."

Faculty and Staff Federation of Community College of Philadelphia (FSFCCP) AFT L.2026 – AFL-CIO

"Krasner’s demonstrated commitment to civil rights and equality aligns with CCP’s mission to provide affordable and quality educational options for all who may benefit.”

Philly SURJ (Standing up for Racial Justice)

"Krasner has embodied SURJ’s essential mission of showing up for racial justice through his decades long career of defending the civil rights of all Philadelphians ... Philly SURJ has never endorsed a candidate before."

UNITE HERE Locals 274 and 634

"When I see schools closing and prisons opening in my community, it's clear to me what this city is planning for my grandchildren. We need a district attorney who understands the injustice of the current system who is also willing to fight to change it."

Americans for Democratic Action, SE PA

"ADA endorsed Larry Krasner for District Attorney given his civil rights litigation record and campaign platform centered on criminal justice reform, including reversing mass incarceration, eliminating cash bail for nonviolent offenders ... and correcting the abuses of civil asset forfeiture."

"Philadelphia voters can strike a blow for justice and end decades of racist and unjust policies in the city’s criminal justice system by electing Krasner."

Neighborhood Networks

“Larry Krasner and only Larry Krasner can be depended upon to deal with the mass incarceration problem that plagues Philadelphia.”

Right to Redemption, Lifers Inc.

"Godspeed in your quest for a more just city and society."

Real Justice PAC

"Philadelphia is the most incarcerated city in the country. It’s time for a modern District Attorney, and Larry Krasner is the only candidate that we can trust to take decisive action."

Erotic Service Providers Union

"Erotic Service Providers Union endorses Krasner for District Attorney as we fight towards gaining support against poverty, violence and punitive abuses."

The Political Revolution PAC

“Larry Krasner has fought his entire life for civil rights and justice. It’s time for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office to do the same.”

Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals (PASNAP)

“PASNAP is excited to support to Larry Krasner for DA. Larry shares our values and will use the office to fight for justice for everyone, regardless of race or wealth or status."

Democracy for America

"In Philadelphia, generations of families and neighborhoods have been destroyed by racist police practices and prosecutors who turn a blind eye to the abuses in the justice system. Larry Krasner is Philadelphia’s best chance to change that."

Color of Change PAC

"Krasner has a clear track record of specializing in criminal defense and police brutality matters, representing activists including members of the Black Lives Matter movement and advocating for fair law enforcement treatment toward minority and poor communities."

Our Revolution

“Philadelphia voters have the opportunity to be heard in this election, and Our Revolution is honored to endorse a candidate that’s been listening for the last 30 years — Lawrence Krasner."

215 People's Alliance

"Krasner has a 30-year track record of standing up for people’s movements ... 215 People’s Alliance is proud to endorse Larry Krasner as the Democratic candidate for District Attorney."

Food & Water Action Fund

"Philadelphians need a District Attorney who will protect our community from environmental criminals, and Larry Krasner is the candidate to do that job. The movement to resist the regressive Trump administration must begin close to home."

Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club

"Larry has served Philadelphia's LGBT community for years and, under his leadership, we are confident the District Attorney's office would combat systemic injustice like never before."

Penn Democrats

"Philadelphia must elect a Defense Attorney dedicated to executing and expanding proposed reforms. Penn Democrats is proud to endorse Larry Krasner for District Attorney of Philadelphia."

AFSCME District 1199C National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees – AFL-CIO

"We believe you have the experience and values required for this office. We are looking forward to a long and positive relationship with you as an elected official."

The B.L.O.C. Party - Build, Lead, Organize, Campaign

"He wants to end mass incarceration, stop seeking the death penalty, end stop and frisk. He’s a civil rights attorney who has always been on the side of the people."

Philly for Change

"The times demand a D.A. who can reimagine the justice system and fundamentally change the plague of incarceration that sabotages our city. That’s why we overwhelmingly supported Larry Krasner."

Pennsylvania Working Families

"Larry Krasner is the right person to lead law enforcement in Philadelphia. Larry knows that stop and frisk policies, mass incarceration, and prosecution of low level, nonviolent crimes condemn a significant portion of our city’s residents and families to disrupted lives, and diminished life outcomes."

Center for Carceral Communities

"Larry understands that the single biggest epidemic in Philadelphia is the rate of incarceration. Larry is right at the front lines of that fight."

Reclaim Philadelphia

"The District Attorney is a key position in defining how criminal justice is conducted in Philadelphia and Larry's platform combined with his experience make him a natural ally in our battle."

Pennsylvania Federation Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division (BMWED) – IBT

"Beyond a doubt, Krasner is the man to represent the people of Philadelphia as the new District Attorney. He would advocate for fair treatment and uphold people’s civil rights."

The latest endorsement news

Here are some of the people backing
the reform we need

Movita Johnson-Harrell
Victim advocate, founder of CHARLES Foundation

"I’m a big fan of Larry Krasner. Because when we talk about social justice, we have to talk about racial justice, we have to talk about educational justice, we have to talk about economic justice … I can’t see anybody I’d rather put my son’s and my grandson’s life in their hands, other than Larry Krasner for district attorney.."

Jed Dodd
General Chairman, Pa. Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division (BMWED-IBT)

"It's very rare that we have an opportunity to vote for somebody that's going to stand up for the rights of all the people ... that's going to defend the rights of victims and not the corporations and the rich ... Larry Krasner is the man who will do that, and we're very happy to support him."

Margie Politzer
Volunteer, West Philadelphia resident

"If I see somebody that I really feel can make a difference, I want to help them, because I want my city to be a better place for everybody."

Bernard Hopkins
Boxing champion and returning citizen

"We have Larry, who's going up against a big old force in the city of Philadelphia, but I know we've got the right man for the job ... Larry, who I know will fight to the end, like I fight in the ring."

Reverend Isaac Miller
Former pastor, Church of the Advocate

"Larry represents ... somebody who's in the fight, who's been in that fight for a long time. That's the kind of person we need in the DA's Office."

Jim Kenney
Mayor, City of Philadelphia

"Larry Krasner is a determined and tenacious fighter. He has a history of standing up for — and with — the underdog ... Larry Krasner believes in the cause of equal justice for all Philadelphians. He will bring a new perspective to the criminal justice system ... I trust Larry Krasner. I'm voting for Larry Krasner, and I ask Democrats and Republicans throughout the city to join me in voting for Larry Krasner.”

Vincent Hughes, State Senator, 7th District • Minority Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee

"You can’t ignore the 30 years of civil rights advocacy. It is my honor to support Larry Krasner for District Attorney.”

Marian Tasco, Former Councilwoman, 9th District • Member, DNC • Democratic Leader, 50th Ward

"I like what he stands for...his history and working for 30 years in Philadelphia being a lawyer for people’s rights, and I like that because I care about people and their having a fair shot ... The prosecution has to be fair, and that is his mantra, and that is what I believe in: fairness."

Helen Gym, Philadelphia City Council, at-large

"He has shown us what it means to fight from the outside and win. He will bring us into the center of the system and we will make change. We will make change that will transform this city and transform the lives of our families ... I believe in Larry Krasner."

Marc Stier, Community activist and teacher, West Mount Airy

"I plan to vote for Larry Krasner for DA. I’m not just a little with him. I feel the same way about him that I did about Helen Gym two years ago. ... Larry Krasner may be the only person ever to run for DA in this city who will challenge the traditional approach. He will put justice first. I’ve got little confidence that much has changed or will change if anyone but Larry Krasner wins the election."

Kitty Heite
Parent and activist

"Larry wants to take money out of the prison system and put it back into the public coffers so we can use it to help our families stay together, we can use it to promote education and health care and keep that family unit cohesive."

Maria Quiñones-Sánchez, Philadelphia City Council, 7th District

"We need a DA with the courage to do the right thing even when it’s unpopular.  And after decades of DAs looking to run for higher office and playing careful with the lives of black and brown boys, and I’m a mother of two black and brown boys... we have to change that tide and that sentencing of people to poverty."

Cherelle Parker
Philadelphia City Council, 9th District

"Krasner has spent his life’s work dedicated to fighting for human and civil rights, and pursuit of the administration of justice.  What makes me feel a little different about him is that if he’s elected, I wholeheartedly believe that he will pursue the administration of justice."

Chris Rabb
State Representative, 200th District

"Sanctuary from police brutality, sanctuary from abuse, from the prison industrial complex. This is systemic, and we need leaders, we need doers, who understand the structural implications of all of these things, not just the fancy rhetoric. It’s very easy to be on the right side now, but when you have a track record for 30 years, that means something."

Isabella Fitzgerald, State Representative, 203rd District • Democratic Leader, 10th Ward

"For far too long, the thought has been to lock people up rather than seeking preemptive measures to keep young people out of jail. In Larry Krasner, we see someone who has the fortitude to address the true criminal element while having the courage to seek alternatives to mass incarceration and to resist the school-to-prison pipeline."

Michael Coard, Esq.
Lawyer and columnist

"When it comes to candidates for political office, they shouldn’t tell the Black community what they’re gonna do for us. Instead, they should show us what they’ve already done. And Larry’s done a lot. A whole lot."

Elaine Tomlin, Democratic Leader, 42nd Ward

"Larry Krasner stood out among all the candidates.  He answered the questions with substance. He knew what he was talking about, you couldn’t pull anything over on him, he didn’t tell an untruth. He spoke it as he thought. He did 30 years of civil rights work, and 30 years of civil rights work speaks for a lot."

Camille Sheron Turner
Host and commentator, WURD 1680AM

"Larry Krasner, who I wholeheartedly support and believe in, is the only candidate worth my time. ... You must support the man that has given his time, experience, expertise and passion to the cause of justice!" (post)

Dr. Khadijah Costley-White
Professor, Rutgers University

"Larry Krasner is a candidate that truly believes in justice, in protecting all citizens regardless of race or creed, and fighting for what's right. I've seen it firsthand. And this is why I'm endorsing Krasner for Philadelphia District Attorney."

Barry Scheck
Co-founder of the Innocence Project

"I've been all around this country, and we are electing progressive district attorneys ... This is the race everybody's looking at, because there is no more creative, dedicated advocate for civil rights than Larry Krasner."

Thomas Earle, Esq., of Disabled in Action and Liberty Resources

"I have known Larry for over 15 years ... he understands the social justice impact of our criminal justice system, the importance of keeping families together -- he's uniquely qualified to restore justice and integrity to the District Attorney's Office."

Asa Khalif
of Black Lives Matter

"I believe that his heart is in the right place. I believe he is on the right side of justice for black and brown and poor people."

Shaun King
Senior Justice Writer, New York Daily News

"I am endorsing Larry Krasner for DA of Philadelphia. Watch this video and you'll see why. Watch it all. Philly!!! It's your time to show up and vote for Larry!" (post)

John Legend
Musician, Advisory Board Member, Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice

"I’m endorsing Larry Krasner for Philly DA — he knows that schools and opportunity, not jails, are the answer to crime." (post)

Rev. Robin Hynicka, of Arch Street United Methodist Church

"Larry has the wisdom, the will and the way to address the systemic racism and other elements of dysfunction that currently operate within the District Attorney's office and the entire criminal justice system. He is a "modern abolitionist" who believes and boldly works to center justice for black and brown folks. I believe that Larry has the courage, the character, and the community and civic charisma to seek justice. Please join me in voting for Larry Krasner for District Attorney."

Waheedah Shabazz-El
Philadelphia resident

"Larry defended my son about ten years ago. I know him to be a human spirit, I know him to understand the human condition, and that’s what we need in this city."

Áine Fox
Irish Philadelphians Against Oppression
Up Against The Law legal collective

"Larry Krasner has defended hundreds of people like myself who actively participate in demanding change and real justice in our society. Larry's lifelong dedication to these shared values didn't begin when he decided to run for DA!"

Oskar Castro
Quaker activist, Southwest Philadelphia

"Living in Southwest Philadelphia, one of the most marginalized and ignored areas of the City of Philadelphia, I am excited to see a true reform-oriented candidate for Philly DA whose record speaks for itself."

Jacqueline Ambrosini, LCSW

"Larry defended me for free as part of his commitment to uphold our civil rights. Larry always had our backs and it made me feel safe and have courage to risk arrest for what I believe in. He has always believed in the Martin Luther King Jr quote "Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere." That is why I endorse him with all my heart, he represents what could be a truly fair and democratic justice system."

Jose de Marco
ACT UP Philadelphia

"Larry Krasner is not beholden to anyone or anything except fair justice, especially for poor people of color that have been abused by the criminal justice system and disproportionately incarcerated. Larry Krasner will be the difference between persecution and prosecution."

Daylin Leach
State Senator, 17th District
Minority Chair, Senate Judiciary Committee

"Larry Krasner ... has the intelligence and the integrity and the ideology and the viewpoint to enable us to make real progress on a very important area of public policy in Pennsylvania."