Larry Krasner was elected District Attorney of Philadelphia on November 7, 2017 and took office at the beginning of 2018.

Campaign video (2017)

As one of Philadelphia’s most outspoken and highly regarded progressive attorneys, for 30 years he has been fearlessly demanding fair treatment and justice for Philadelphians of all backgrounds.

Larry will transform a broken District Attorney’s office into one that focuses on the 6% of offenders who commit 60% of the serious crimes in Philadelphia. He will lead the fight for a fair and effective criminal justice system. 

Larry was born in 1961 in St. Louis, the son of a World War II veteran father and minister mother. After attending public schools in St. Louis and the Philadelphia area, Larry earned degrees from the University of Chicago and Stanford Law School with the help of student loans and scholarships.


While at Stanford, rather than focusing on corporate law, Larry worked for indigenous rights, homeless people, and the poor, in criminal matters. After graduating in 1987, he received several job offers from prosecutors’ offices around the country, but instead chose to return to Philadelphia to work as a public defender.

In 1993, Larry started his own law practice in Center City specializing in criminal defense and civil rights. Since then, he has tried thousands of cases in criminal and civil court and represented countless defendants and filed more than 75 civil rights lawsuits against the police for corruption and physical abuse.

Larry stands up for immigration, disability and gay rights, as well as the right to free speech. He has defended, normally at no cost, protesters at RNC 2000 and DNC 2016, members of ACT UP, Black Lives Matter, Casino-Free Philadelphia, DACA Dreamers, Decarcerate PA, Earth Quaker Action Team, Heeding God’s Call, Kensington Welfare Rights Union, Occupy Philly and Reclaim Philadelphia, advocates of public school funding and opponents of the death penalty.

Larry lives in Philadelphia with his wife of 27 years.

What people are saying about Larry

I’ve known Larry Krasner for over 10 years, and during that time I’ve come to trust his integrity. I’ve witnessed him defend countless activists pro bono, and not only is he an incredibly talented lawyer, he’s a decent human being. I rarely endorse political candidates but make an exception for Larry Krasner because he’s the real deal. He’d be the best DA Philadelphia could ever have.
Make sure to vote Krasner on May 16th!
— Nathaniel Miller, Community Activist and Philadelphia Resident
As a lawyer and former public defender that worked for Larry for several years, I saw first hand his full commitment to progressive causes. It was clear to me that Larry had spent decades building a reputation with activists as a reliable ally. As a defense lawyer, he poured all his efforts into every case and had a particular desire to derail unjust prosecutions, run-away sentences, and the brutal use of the death penalty. I have no doubts that he would completely reform the DA’s office, and I proudly endorse him.
— Brian Collins, Esq.